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Helping You Look & Feel Your Very Best


These workshops are great for women's groups or organizations who would like to learn to look and feel their best!


Choose from any of the following "Dressing Is Not Only For A Salad" workshop series.  


Don't Let Your Entrance Be Your Exit

You only get 30 seconds to make a good first impression.  This fun and informative workshop details the importance of having a professional image and how to manage the perception of others. Ladies and Gents, learn the secrets to looking your best and creating that lasting first impression.


The Art of Dressing Well 

In this workshop you learn the psychology of why you dress the way you do.  We identify your fashion personality and body type and discuss, Desiree's Law of Attraction.


Do You Have A Closet Full Of Clothes But Nothing To Wear?

This workshops explores how you can shop in your own closet and put together ensembles that are fabulous!


The Plus Size Guide To Looking And Feeling Fabulous

This one is for my lady friends who are large and in charge! Learn how to put your best look forward and be sexy and confident.


Make No Mistake About Make-up 

Do you want to wear make-up but just don't know how to put it on? In this workshop you will learn how to appropriately apply make-up to enhance your beauty, not cover it up.


How To Look Fabulous on a Budget

Im teaching all my secrets on how to look fantastic and acquire great clothing and accessories without breaking the bank.


I'm Tired of This Dating Crap!

Ladies are you tired of being single? Do you want to attract a good guy into your life? Are men not approaching you? Are you shy?  Learn what men really think about women and how to overcome those challenges. 


Money, Power and Respect: The Business Seminar Series

solo-preneur, entreprenuer, home-based business, multi-level marketer, small business owner, and college student this one is for you!  Three workshops designed to help you achieve success in your business or educational endeavors.


Personal Branding; The Brand Called You

Learn how to stand out in the crowd as you network your way to success.


How to Build and Maintain Professional Relationships

Learn the secrets to effective networking and make those quality connections that can last a lifetime.


Networking Works When You Work Your Network

Learn the key people to have in your network and turn those business cards into ATM cards!





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