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As a performer, my image is everything.  Desiree helped me find a complete, approachable confident look for on and off the stage.  Just the change in colors alone has gotten me compliments from casting directors and agents.  And it's literally stopped traffic from the men.

~Audrey A.~


I have been using BeautiControl products for almost twenty years now.  The products and the consultants are the best.  Desiree is wonderful.  She is sensitive and understanding to the client's needs.  She knows her business and always tries to steer the client in the right direction as far as choosing colors and skin care products.  I know.  I've never looked so good!

~Valerie T.~


Me being in senior personnel, it is important for me to communicate a certain message.  Desiree has helped me put together a look that is stylish, professional and age appropriate.  I looked so good, that the staff thought I was my supervisor's boss, who is the Assistant Vice President, not the other way around.  Also, she recommended a skin care regimen that is perfect for my skin.  I trust her judgement completely!

~Kim M.~



Thank you for the new image that I have.  I am getting loads of compliments from everyone.  You taught me that the personalization of fabrics, garment construction and color is a science and it makes all the difference in the winning dress performance.  I would recommed that all women should make it a priority to discover their winning look through dressing well.

Regards and appreciation,

~Winnie B.~


New to New York, Desiree was exactly what I needed to make myself fabulous!  She not only taught me how to care for my body, but also how to dress utilizing my best features.  Professional and genuine, I couldn't imagine a better image consultant. I will always keep her number near!

~Amber E.~


Being a person who hated shopping, I felt lost in the world of fashion.  I'm really grateful that I signed up with Desiree for a consultation service.  I learned all my positive attributes and found that by making some simple changes, it enhanced my appearance.  I now know what works for me and what to stay away from.  My confidence has been boosted and people notice!  Thanks Desiree!

~Cathy P.~


I attended the "Dressing Is Not Only For A Salad" workshop, aboard Carnival Cruise ship, Miracle. I must tell you that the image-building knowledge obtained from the moderator, Desiree Spivey, is invaluable! I am a professional woman, mid-career, and had been concerned about how my outward appearance might be impacting my career growth.  Ms. Spivey fully explained everything from appropriate attire, fabrics, body types, coloring and even the impact of accessories on one's image. In fact, she explained how hair styles can even impact an individual's image...who knew!

To summarize, the workshops were tremendously helpful, and I have already started to incorporate a few of the image-building suggestions into my lifestyle.  Thank you, Ms. Spivey.

~Anita M.~


I attended the Personal Style Cruise; it was an absolutely amazing experience.  Desiree's workshops were very informative and the ship was positively fabulous.  The information I received has caused me to evaluate my style and "shop in my own closet" first, before I spend money in the malls.  She is a magnificent consultant and very compassionate to the needs of the full figured woman in fashion.  I am a woman who traditionally wears dark colored clothing.  Once I returned from the cruise, I rushed home to incorporate color into my wardrobe and it has made a significant difference in the responses I receive and my overall look. I trust her suggestions and I have her number on speed dial.  I can't wait until the next cruise...

~Christina F.~


The Personal Style Cruise was what I needed to enhance my business.  I am a clothing designer and Desiree gave me some important information regarding fabric, color and body shapes that coincide with my prior knowledge. Since my target market is full figured women, the information received will definitely help me in my designing techniques for my target market.  Desiree is very personable, has amazing energy, and willing to answer any questions.  The ship left me speechless. The other workshop attendees were great.  We had such a fantastic time, I can't wait to do it again.

~Keith E.~ 


Wow! The Personal Style Cruise was fantastic!  After attending the workshops and learning that wearing the right colors can attract people to you, I immediately went to the ship's gift shop and bought some Tee shirts in my most flattering colors. Out of nowhere, people were coming up to me and striking up conversations. Me being a Personal Trainer, to have people attracted to me is half the battle in getting new clients.  Everyone who attended was great and I even gave them complimentary workouts. I can't wait until the next Personal Style Cruise.  I will definitely be there.

~Alejandro M.~


Learning how to shop in your own closet was a definite plus for me. As an older woman, my lifestyle doesn't dictate for me to constantly shop for new clothes. However, Desiree shared some key information that allowed me to re-work the clothes that I have and still look current, polished and put together. I was so excited by what I learned that I had to stop by her cabin that same night and show her a dress that I had for 10 years!  Guess what, it still works!  I had so much fun on that cruise, I can't wait until the next one.  My husband and I will definetly be there!

~Dorothy V.~


Prior to my Show up and Show out sessions with Desiree I had not devised a blue print to have a successful life. I was clear that I wanted to be successful and prosperous; however I was not clear on my direction and I did not have focus on how to reach this goal. Through these life changing sessions with Desiree I am forced to go within to address and identify the negative programming and non productive habits that has contributed to hindering my personal and professional development. The components of her intense program covers everything from health, fitness, finance, business development, self-esteem, image and confidence. This experience has made a change in how I view myself and how I choose to project myself to the world. I am extremely blessed to have the opportunity to receive Desiree’s priceless coaching. I am definitely on the road to living my Best Fabulous Life…

~Christina F.~

A few months ago, I had a consultation with Desiree. I was about to embark on the search for a new job and I needed an image makeover. Desiree and I discussed wardrobe options for the 1st and 2nd interview, as well as business casual silhouettes. I learned a lot!!

I am in the insurance industry. As with most professions, each has "a look". I have found that insurance professionals have a low key appearance; usually a simple, conservative business suit.
Prior to my first interview, Desiree and I fine tuned my interview look. We also prepped an outfit for the 2nd interview. I looked great and felt very confident.
Well, long story short, I interviewed once and I was hired on the spot. I am sure that the combination of the right suit along with my high level of confidence are big factors in the successful interview.
If you have any doubt or hesitation about hiring Desiree, fear no more! Do it now and change your life!! You will not regret it!! 

~Mary V.~ 

Money Power And Respect

This was more valuable than three years of doing an MBA!

~Patricia T.~


The Money Power and Respect: The Business Seminar Series has proven to be dynamic, insightful and relevant for new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.  I was reminded of ways to connect and work with other business professionals inside and outside of my industry.



I took pages of notes and every page was pearls of wisdom!

~Cassaundra W.A.~


I learned things that I never even thought of before and I have started implementing them.  It is making my job search so much easier.

~Amuyla U.~


Desiree’s presentation  proves the saying “Knowledge is power’  is true.  I am excited about the possibilities I see, the presentation was very applicable.  I am simply astounded  by the manner in which I can now work my network and stop throwing away a goldmine.  Thanks Desiree, well done

~Petula L.



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