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Image Consultations   



 Image 101


A mini consultation that covers the basics.  It will consist of a preliminary consultation and analysis of the following: face, body type, skin, color, hairstyle, beard shapes and fashion personality.


Image Grande

Wardrobe Appraisal.  Evaluation of 4 to 6 outfits complete with accessories.  You will learn how to assess your wardrobe to determine if it's right or wrong for you.


Image Assessment. Analysis of the following, fashion personality, body type, face, beard shape, and color.


Fabric Identification.  Let's establish what fabrics work for your body type.  There are times when clothing just doesn't fit properly.  Sometimes it's not the size, it's the fabric.


Optical Illusion Techniques.  Abracadabra!  Now you see it, now you don't!  Magic tricks for the body beautiful.  Occasionally, we need a little help in achieving certain attributes.


A New & Beautiful You

A half day of services! A mini image consultation complete with a personal shopping trip. It's the cherry on the image cake! 



Have a special occasion that you need to look fabulous for? We can select appropriate clothing and accessories for your event that will compliment your body type and undertones and make you LOOK GREAT!  Brides, bridal party and prom styling welcomed.


Closet Consultation & Wardrobe Planning

While cleaning out your closet, we evaluate your existing wardrobe to determine what we can use to create a whole new look.  Secondly, we regroup your clothing to maximize your outfit choices and then we discuss how to incorporate accessories to make your existing wardrobe come alive!


Personal Shopping

We explore your needs for obtaining new items based on your lifestyle and spending requirements.  Then off we go to purchase selected items.  You will also learn how to identify quality investment pieces that can last you for years and still look stylish.  Shopping not your thing?  I can go problem! (Additional charge will apply).


Color Analysis

You are draped with color swatches to determine what color family (warm or cool) looks best on you.  Also, the use of color as an effective communication tool.


Skin Wellness Consultation/Beauty

Be good to your skin and it will be good to you!  Learn the do's and don'ts of properly taking care of your skin as well as determination of your skin's age.  After which, a program can be customized for you based on your skins needs.  (Products pricing varies depending on skin's condition). We can also review your cosmetics and determine if it is right or wrong for you.  Not sure how to apply make-up?  No problem, Make no mistake about make-up class is also available!


Dating Analysis

Are you in a dating rut? Are you high maintenance? Are you fading into the background? Do people find you attractive? More than likely you are attractive, you just don't appear approachable.  During this consultation, we discuss what you are doing and what you should do to attract that special someone to you and then we derive a look that will bring you out of the shadows.   




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